Friday, May 9, 2008

Better Know Your Zombie (part two of six)

...while still slow moving, this zombie, created by inhaling toxic zombie fumes or through secret government conspiracy, possesses a slightly higher level of intellect and direction than the shambler. Their preferred food is brains and they will express their overwhelming need using a mantra such as "Must. Have. Brains." Brain eaters can smell brains and will actively hunt their food, sometimes through the use of simple traps, once they've acquired the scent.

HOW TO KILL IT: A brain eater can be killed through the use of electrocution. Burning may also be used as a last resort, but care must be taken as a burning brain eater releases deadly toxic zombie fumes into the air. These fumes result in turning those who breath them into brain eating zombies.

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Unknown said...

Stowe....those are my favorite zombies. Thank you sir.