Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am an art lesson

So something amazingly cool happened today and I need to share it with you... faithful unblinking internet. I received this email today:

so I taught my art class last night and we did a Sto-inspred self-portrait lesson. I showed them the hamthrower strip, your coworkers as muppets, and the portrait you did of your friend as a fairy. They were stoked and inspired, and I actually got an amazing piece out of my kid (I'm attaching it b/c I thought it would give you a chuckle.) and Alicia and Nathe's Abby did a fairy vanquishing a monster, sword in hand (and scratch on arm)

I also got pictures of sponge bob square students, a Mario, a Luigi, and a self-portrait-of-kid-as-nerf-
attacker-of-family-dog. (the last one was a stretch, but our sculptural rendering might improve the idea; we're thinking of using foam rollers as the medium)

Anyhow, wanted to pass along the thanks and tell you you have 7 new DNoD fans! :)

Have a better Tuesday than your Monday was, and tell Courtney I said hello!


So a friend of mine is teaching children art and is using my work to motivate them. I cannot think of a cooler thing than that. Jessica also included the following work by her own child:

I am stunned in blissful gratitude.

Thanks Jess.

DNotD #24

At this point in the strip I have actually been collecting "scripts" for use if I fall behind or if nothing particularly funny or eventual happens during the week. This is one such script. I have been sitting on our little toilet comedian for several weeks now. It is only because I had the stomach flu all weekend do you get to enjoy his special brand of "potty humor". Also, apparently I don't draw myself naked in the shower enough that I felt the need to inflict my manboobs on you again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Worst What If Ever

Sometimes I just get an idea stuck in my head that just refuses to go away.
This is one of those ideas...

Join me on a journey into extreme awesome land will you?

So what Liefeld mutants could you stomach forming the X-Men?

4 males and 1 female...

Share the horror.

I'll recreate the first X-Men cover with the best suggestion left in the comments.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

DND Sundays are back in 2010

Here are some character standees for our bi-monthly game.

Red backgrounds are monsters.

Yellow backgrounds are neutral NPCs.

Blue backgrounds are PCs.