Thursday, May 22, 2008

Better Know Your Zombie (part four of six)

...this zombie occurs when aliens parasites takeover human bodies. The parasitic takeover often occurs through the method of slug like beings entering an orifice of a live or dead human body. The resulting zombie is a slow moving creature, rotting from the inside out, with a collective or hive like mentality. While there is little high level mental function, they can be cunning when it comes to perpetuation and distribution of the parasite collective. These zombies are meat eaters, however they don't limit themselves to human flesh.

HOW TO KILL IT: Killing the "queen" parasite, if attainable, will result in the deaths of the entire collective. Without this option, the individual parasite must be induced to leave the host body (usually this has to be accomplished through gratuitous, high movie rating violence resulting in the wanton destruction of the host body). The parasite must then be "squashed" before it has an opportunity to infest another host.

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