Monday, December 17, 2012

About DND for Dads and Sidekick Quests

Today I was lucky enough to be featured on the WIRED Geek Mom blog. An editor there, Natania Barron, had some really great things to say about my DND for Dads project from last year. You can read what she said here:

This post is mainly for everyone who found me through that post... 

Why? well... because I am not sure if you know this but I've taken the DND for Dads concept and expanded it into a unique property I call Sidekick Quests

Currently there is a webcomic component you and your kids can read weekly here:

I am also beta testing a Sidekick Quests RPG and a Sidekick Quests card game as well. The RPG will hopefully be ready for limited open beta testing come the first of the year. If you would be interested in joining that play test please let me know through email. You can find my email address over there on the left.

Also, in the meantime I am currently looking for submissions for kid created monsters that will eventually be published for the RPG. If your son or daughter would find that interesting you can learn more about it here:

Thanks again for being a fan and a geek mom or geek dad!