Monday, December 10, 2007

VTES Ebay Auctions (for Christmas)

Just in time for the holidays I've posted 4 new VTES E-Bay Auctions! SOOOO...if you know (or ARE) a big card geek or vamp dork or (god forbid) Stowe art fantard (the rarest of rare breeds) then now you have a chance to buy them the perfect gift...VTES Art suitable for framing (and most if not all come with there own signed card). I may even throw in a random signed print cause its Christmas.




You can find all these auctions here:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wonder Woman Part Deux

This costume is an update on the 1974 Cathy Lee Crosby TV Movie Wonder Woman. Cause there's no Wonder Woman like a Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman...


Here it is...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wonder Woman Paperdoll

This is the base form I am using to mock up the Wonder Woman costumes. It is a 100% digital drawing done in Illustrator and quickly toned in PS. All the costume elements added after that are all vector based art created completely in Photoshop. That's right. I'm the KING.

Wonder Woman....Wonder Woman...

Over at Project: Rooftop they are having a contest to redesign Wonder Woman's costume.


Here is my first attempt:

I wanted to kinda go future retro with her. Shorten her hair, bulk her up (she is as strong as superman after all) and slap on the chunky metal.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life Drawing Wednesday

I have started going to an open life drawing session every other Wednesday. Each session is split into four 20 minute drawing opportunities.

The first is 20 minutes of 2-3 minute poses. I just try to draw the figure as fast as possible here, overlapping each pose to make a nice composition.

The second is made up of 5 minute poses. Again drawing each pose on the same piece of paper. Slightly more rendering but really just trying to capture form and create an appealing overall piece.

Then two 10 minute poses. Now I bust the water color paint out.

And finally one 20 minute pose. For the long pose I am painting with watercolor again.

I am really loving these sessions. Attempting to paint in 10 and 20 minute intervals is really challenging. All the above art was made tonight.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


From Doctor Von Dorkenstein!

I've been on vacation but now I'm back. Expect more posts.

P.S.: Sadly that is actually me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some of my favorite nudes (part 3)

This is the last one and also the largeest format of the three. This is also the only painting I can remember ever doing on stretched canvas. Funny bit of trivia that is.

Check out the foot on this girl. Lick-o-licious.

(I do not have a foot fetish)

Some of my favorite nudes (part 2)

As promised...another nude (or in this case, partial nude).

Viva la white panties.

Some of my favorite nudes (part 1)

I am prepping some files to show a local Tacoma bar in consideration for display and I thought I'd go ahead and show them here as well. There are all paintings done by me while I was in college. They are also some of my favorite works. This is by and large my favorite of the three I will post here.

I'll post the other two as the week draags on.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Lords of Night is out! Go buy it!

Here is the last card preview. Nunzio Giovanni.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 6

The expansion is released tomorrow...

So today I'll give you Shango's Remains, an library card involving Assamites and mystical blessings.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 5

Preview Monday.

Its Marla Kenyon. She is a Follower of Set and available.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 4

Sunday can mean only one thing...murder painting.

Today's preview is a painting called Shell Break. Art notes were as follows: Ghost leaving a person's body.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 3

This was supposed to be posted on Saturday...which would have been completely unheard of. As it is a day late...which is not unheard of.

Todays painting is Sundervere, The Devil's Brahmin.

Coincidentally that was also my nickname in college.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 2

Todays V:TES painting is Underbridge Stray. This is on of my favorite paintings ever. Viva la dog pee.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 1

The Vampire: The Eternal Struggle CCG expansion Lords of Night is going to be released next week on the 26th. White Wolf is already doing there own card preview so I thought I would go ahead and show off some of the art I did for the exp.

First is Luna Giovanni. She is 400 years old and pretty dried up.

I'll post a new painting ever day until the release.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Battlelore Races Contest Redux

I couldn't help myself. After submitting my Kobold Crusaders to the Dice Tower Podcast contest last week I had another idea for a Battlelore Specialist Expansion Pack. This one is much closer to my heart. I present...the Vampire Battalion:

(get it...BATtalion...cause they are vampires...with a bat theme...clever...)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Marvel EXILES 'X-panded'

I've shown this to a bunch of friends and an idea occured to me... Everyone should make a six person EXILES team of their very own. So I challenge you. Come up with a six person team of ret-conned, dead, imaginary, alternate or other wise fucked up mutants (with Blink from AOA at the helm). Leave your perfect team in the comments of this thread and I'll draw the team I like best. I want you to seriously think about your choices. It can be any mutant, ever, even ones that don't exist yet.

Some helpful Wiki links:




This is the challenge...let the best EXILES win.


I just discoveed a Marvel Mutant book called 'Exiles' about X-Men from alternate dimensions that travel into 'What-If' like worlds and fix crap all Sliders like. This is both retarded and awesome. In doing some research I noticed that pretty much when a writer takes over this title they just bring in versions of mutants they like. There has been a 'War' Thunderbird, Nightcrawler's daughter, a female sasquatch and like 43 Wolverines. It all centers around the Blink from AOA. If you don't understand that last are a cooler person than me. So I got to thinking...what team of six alternate X-Men would I choose if given the reigns of the Exiles. What I arrived at is this:

That is, from left to right:
The Blob (Fred Dukes) from a world where Apocalypse turned him into Death from the Four Horsemen
Mister Sensitive (Guy Smith) from Earth 616 (before he died)
Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith) from a world where the Fallen Angels never disbanded
Blink (Clarice Ferguson) from AoA ('natch)
Maggott (Japheth) from a world where is was one of the founding members of a socially celebrated group of international superstar X-Men
Cyclops (Scott Summers) from a world where an immortal man named Nathaniel Essex created a sinister high-tech version of the X-men instead of Charles Xavier

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Battlelore Contest

I drew this for a contest the podcasters over at The Dice Tower are doing. The idea is to tell them which race should be made into a Battlelore Specialist Expansion Pack next. It is sponsored by Days of Wonder...obviously. This is going to be my first entry. I give you...Kobold Crusaders.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Paintings on Ebay

These are some original painting from around 2002-2004 period. Reasonably priced. I am always for people that want my art owning my art...they shouldn't have to pay a ton to get it.

the Auctions are here:

I've had a great response so far to my VTES originals auctions and I have placed two more up on EBay (one from the Anarch exp and one from the Camarilla Edition). I've also posted two old WOD pieces I am really proud of and an unpublished nude...please check them out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have been fooling around with a pictogram code based on Celtic knot forms...
Here is an example:

That is all I got for today.

Busy, busy, busy...

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Rant with no art attached...

I don't think I have ever posted a blog entry here for the sake of a rant without adding a picture to it...but today is the day.

Earlier today a friend of mine shared with me a link in which someone in my 30-35 age group extolled that Hollywood should make a live action Thundercats movie and the top ten reasons why it would kick ever-loving ass. Seriously. Thundercats. top ten reasons. ever-loving ass. The whole idea of that is completely retarded.

Now let me lay some disclaimers down before you start giving me the stink eye. First, I consider myself a huge dork. Second, I loved watching Thundercats as a kid...I really did. Third, regardless of how un PC you might think it is... calling it completely retarded is the best I could come up with. Cause it is...completely...retarded. And with that in mind...I present the Top Ten reasons why Hollywood should, under no circumstances, make a live action Thundercats movie.

10. Thundercats is not set on Earth. Thundercats is set in an poorly defined post apocalypic/quasi-futuristic/magical place called THIRD Earth. Assuming that the Earth where product placements can be made by snarky young actors is FIRST Earth...this shit is set two fucking earth's away from that. No 80's cartoon remake starring real people would take place somewhere that pop culture references could not take place. Hollywood would feel compelled to drag the Thundercats to our world...if only for the 'obvious' hilarity that would 'obviously' ensue.

9. There are no people in Thundercats. There are Thundercats, Mutants, Snarfs, Lunatiks, Amazons, Wollows, Bolkens and whatever the hell Mumm-Ra is. But there are no people. No people means no one for the audience to identify with. And Hollywood requires that there be at least one (or two, for hilarious romantic involvement purposes only) real 21st century American people in a movie. The closest Thundercats comes to that is Hachiman. The least said about that guy, the better.

8. Ro-bear Burbles. Thundercats finally answers the question of what would the mutant offspring of Daggit and the Ewoks would look like.

7. Lion-O is really only like 11 years old. Try convincing Jake Gillenhall or whoever to slap on the orange and cream colored body paint knowing that is he is essentially playing a tweener kitten thing.

6. Thundercats has a seriously weird back story that makes very little sense. Even for afternoon cartoons from the 80s Thundercats is seriously fucked up. The Thundercats are six survivors of a world blown up by a race of other mutant animals that chase them across the universe for some reason only to land on the trippiest planet in the universe and piss off the baddest mummified evil dude ever. I think. It has been awhile. But seriously...what? That can't even be sung in a cool opening theme song. And what did the Thundercats ever do to Mumm-Ra any way? Is it just that he is old and wants them to get off his lawn? (yeah I know he wants the Sword of Omens...or Eye of Thundera...or whatever...but still...WTF?)

5. The Sword of Omens is bullshit. What is the plot of any Thundercats episode? Lion-O meets something fucked up. Evil dudes attack Lion-O. Snarf prances around. All is lost...and then WHAMMO...cue Sword of Omens! Big Eye of Thundera Bat symbol. Eyes all light up. Theme music plays. Everyone gets in the tank. Lion-O and friends fuck shit up. End of episode. What the hell is IN that Sword of Omens?!?!? Why the Hell didn't Lion-O's dad use the Sword of Omens to get a planet full of Thundercats into a tank to fuck shit up when the mutants where blowing up there homeworld? Seriously...That is total bullshit.

4. Mumm-Ra is the worst villain ever. Oh, bring on the hate now. Mumm-Ra, the all powerful demonic wizard and self proclaimed ever living source of evil powered by not one but four ancient spirits of darkness is a total loser. For one, the bitch is completely invulnerable. he can fly, has superhuman strength, can cast spells, throw energy bolts. And yet, for all that might he wields he rules jack and squat. Before the Mutants showed up he didn't even have any lackeys. He had a crusty blue bulldog...and that was it. Mumm-Ra is, was and always will be a total slacker. Before the Thundercats showed up he should have been ruling Third Earth. It was only populated by sheep people and robot teddybears for Christ's sake. He is old. He is past his prime. He hides in his pyramid in the middle of the desert. He is a sad excuse for an arch nemesis. It is somewhat appropriate however that the main villain of an 11 year old cat boy is a crusty old man that only wants to get a hold of the kid's sword.

3. Thundercats are furries. Sure I've popped an adolescent boner to the idea of Cheetara naked...what guy my age hasn't. But it is slippery slope my friend. One minute you are a young man cranking on out to an anthropomorphic Cheetah girl and then twenty years later you are neck deep in a furry pile getting a 'tocks rub from a sweaty overweight girl in a fox costume. Lets not doom another generation. And you know...speaking of Cheetara...

2. The only real reason anyone wants to see a Thundercats movie is fulfill whatever sick Cheetara fantasy they are still secretly clinging to. Yes, she was an animated hotty. Possibly your first. But it is time to let go. Cheetara suffers from Smurfette syndrome. Face facts...there was only one chick Thundercat (of age you sicko). Cheetara got around to Panthro, Tigra (actually not Tigra...he definitely batted for the other team) and even 11 year old Lion-O. You know what I am saying. This isn't transforming robots we are talking about here. This is about survival of the SPECIES. That is why guys still cling to a half baked idea as bad as Thundercats was. Cheetara is why we even still remember Thundercats. But seriously...let it go. Most of us are married with kids by now. We will never be caught in a malfunctioning status pod, wake up a 24 year old stud and have to make it with our dad's super hot cheetah friend for the good of the species. Once you face the facts you have to admit I'm right. Without the Cheetara fantasy fueling it...there is really no reason to make a live action Thundercats movie.

1. Snarf. Poor man's retard cat version of Orko if he was raped by the Smurfs. Enough said.

Now I need to go draw something.

Friday, August 17, 2007

While I am on Birthdays...

My son Barrett is turning 4 in a few weeks. He, like I assume most young boys, is Pokemon obessed. He wants a Pokemon themed 4th birthday. So Daddy makes this:

Everything you are looking at was designed my me...not tracing, no overlays. All in photoshop. Sometimes I love being a designer.

Happy Birthday Catherine!

I am have been super(bad) busy these past few weeks at work. But it is all stuff I can't show yet. I can though, for my own sake I guess, list the projects here:






Big Gold Trophy

1st Birthday Bear (boy)

1st Birthday Bear (girl)

Racket Sports

Baby Clothes Line

Bingo Card

Black Lab (rework)


Baby Shower (Trendy)


World's Greatest Globe

Camo Birthday

Floral Cross

F-rd Tough Birthday

Monkey Birthday

Poodle Birthday

Tattoo Birthday

Swirly Birthday

Tiki Birthday

and a total redesign of the company's Appreciation Variety Pack I said,

busy but unable to prove it.

oh, and Happy Birthday Catherine (again)!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Faerie Nudes (Summer Sprite)

Again...not really safe for work. But at least this one is a whole lot less NSFW then yesterday's. I think it is a Seelie / Unseelie thing. Man, I'm a dork.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Faerie Nudes (Autumn Sprite)

I've decided to do a series of watercolor faerie nudes to sell on ebay. The first batch will be a series of four sprites, one for each season. This one is the Autumn Sprite. Please 'bare' in mind that this is a nude and is probably (depending on your employer's stance on nudity in art) NSFW. I probably should have placed that up front.