Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Melon Online Interview

My friend, C.L.A.W. co-conspirator and semi-professional Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast "Electric" Elliot Trooter (with two Ts and one O) recently captured my bare unflinching soul on camera. I haven't watched it cause the idea of voyeuristically observing my own life weirds me out, but I have been assured by many people that it is excellent. Apparently I come off as both passionate and authentic; which is good since I strive for authenticity.

Who is The CLAW - James Stowe from The Melon on Vimeo.



Now is not a good time to be without a computer...

But sadly that is exactly what has happened. My MAC died of terminal harddrive-itis recently. It is away now...having a new harddrive installed and hopefully will come back to me soon.

Until then my personal project workload is quickly bottlenecking to a crunching, thudding halt.

In the mean time... I am going to post some links of things I have going on that hopefully you (as a gestalt entity) will be interested in...

Stowe's MAC Laptop
Loving Workhorse and Provider of Occasional Secret Free Porn

Monday, April 13, 2009


My son is really into Ben 10, the cartoon about the boy that can turn into ten different aliens each with their own smattering of superpowers. And when I say really into, I mean he imagines that Ben 10 came to visit our house, dropped off another surplus Omnitrix alien power wristband and invited him to join in bad guy alien fighting. And so... Barrett 10 was born. He is fully aware his Daddy can draw crap like this in his sleep... Hense this new project. For my son. He comes up with the alien, the basic look and the powers... and I get to draw it.

Here is number one: LAVA ROCKET!

Saturday, April 4, 2009