Saturday, January 5, 2013

DNDC Batman

I had an idea of drawing superheroes as if they were a class in Dungeons and Dragons a couple of weeks ago and the idea just hasn't let me go since then. 

This is Bruk Wainewright... last of the wealthy Wainewright family and the youngest of the corrupt merchant princes that control the superstitious realm of Gothhelm. During the day Bruk indulges in all manner of debauchery, dark magics and material excess with the other corrupt and insane Gothhelm merchants but by night he assumes the mantle of Assassin of the Bat to strike back at those very same princes. Is he Gothhelm's savior or is he simply attempting to hamper and cull his competition? Only Bruk and his faithful steward Alfar know the truth. Join him on the deadly darkened streets of Gothhelm for bloody adventures, insane rogue barons and shadowy intrigue. 
Welcome to the world of Dungeons and Detective Comics.

I've added a close up of the utility belt labelled for easy reference... because I am that sort of dork.