Thursday, September 20, 2007


Lords of Night is out! Go buy it!

Here is the last card preview. Nunzio Giovanni.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 6

The expansion is released tomorrow...

So today I'll give you Shango's Remains, an library card involving Assamites and mystical blessings.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 5

Preview Monday.

Its Marla Kenyon. She is a Follower of Set and available.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 4

Sunday can mean only one thing...murder painting.

Today's preview is a painting called Shell Break. Art notes were as follows: Ghost leaving a person's body.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 3

This was supposed to be posted on Saturday...which would have been completely unheard of. As it is a day late...which is not unheard of.

Todays painting is Sundervere, The Devil's Brahmin.

Coincidentally that was also my nickname in college.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 2

Todays V:TES painting is Underbridge Stray. This is on of my favorite paintings ever. Viva la dog pee.

LORD OF NIGHT Preview Day 1

The Vampire: The Eternal Struggle CCG expansion Lords of Night is going to be released next week on the 26th. White Wolf is already doing there own card preview so I thought I would go ahead and show off some of the art I did for the exp.

First is Luna Giovanni. She is 400 years old and pretty dried up.

I'll post a new painting ever day until the release.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Battlelore Races Contest Redux

I couldn't help myself. After submitting my Kobold Crusaders to the Dice Tower Podcast contest last week I had another idea for a Battlelore Specialist Expansion Pack. This one is much closer to my heart. I present...the Vampire Battalion:

(get it...BATtalion...cause they are vampires...with a bat theme...clever...)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Marvel EXILES 'X-panded'

I've shown this to a bunch of friends and an idea occured to me... Everyone should make a six person EXILES team of their very own. So I challenge you. Come up with a six person team of ret-conned, dead, imaginary, alternate or other wise fucked up mutants (with Blink from AOA at the helm). Leave your perfect team in the comments of this thread and I'll draw the team I like best. I want you to seriously think about your choices. It can be any mutant, ever, even ones that don't exist yet.

Some helpful Wiki links:




This is the challenge...let the best EXILES win.


I just discoveed a Marvel Mutant book called 'Exiles' about X-Men from alternate dimensions that travel into 'What-If' like worlds and fix crap all Sliders like. This is both retarded and awesome. In doing some research I noticed that pretty much when a writer takes over this title they just bring in versions of mutants they like. There has been a 'War' Thunderbird, Nightcrawler's daughter, a female sasquatch and like 43 Wolverines. It all centers around the Blink from AOA. If you don't understand that last are a cooler person than me. So I got to thinking...what team of six alternate X-Men would I choose if given the reigns of the Exiles. What I arrived at is this:

That is, from left to right:
The Blob (Fred Dukes) from a world where Apocalypse turned him into Death from the Four Horsemen
Mister Sensitive (Guy Smith) from Earth 616 (before he died)
Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith) from a world where the Fallen Angels never disbanded
Blink (Clarice Ferguson) from AoA ('natch)
Maggott (Japheth) from a world where is was one of the founding members of a socially celebrated group of international superstar X-Men
Cyclops (Scott Summers) from a world where an immortal man named Nathaniel Essex created a sinister high-tech version of the X-men instead of Charles Xavier

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Battlelore Contest

I drew this for a contest the podcasters over at The Dice Tower are doing. The idea is to tell them which race should be made into a Battlelore Specialist Expansion Pack next. It is sponsored by Days of Wonder...obviously. This is going to be my first entry. I give you...Kobold Crusaders.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Paintings on Ebay

These are some original painting from around 2002-2004 period. Reasonably priced. I am always for people that want my art owning my art...they shouldn't have to pay a ton to get it.

the Auctions are here:

I've had a great response so far to my VTES originals auctions and I have placed two more up on EBay (one from the Anarch exp and one from the Camarilla Edition). I've also posted two old WOD pieces I am really proud of and an unpublished nude...please check them out.