Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stoweckies Project

I have been disappointed by my lack of art posts this month. I love October and Halloween and I should really be banging out the art. But I am busy at work and at home and I haven't been motivated to begin any new projects.

With that being said... I am going to try a series of quick Stowe digital doodles for the month of October I'm calling "Stoweckies" (cause, honestly, I felt the need to call them SOMETHING). And this is where I need your help, faithful blog stalker. I need suggestions on what to draw. I want to be monster themed but add some random flair so... how about Monster + Something Completely Random = Stoweckie.

For example:

Follow me?

Good. Add your suggestions in the comments. I promise to do at least one a day, even on weekends up until Halloween. That way I am posting but not taking alot of time up doing it.


Unknown said...

trekkie and star wars fan?

magneto and wolverine?

narwhale and sloth?

Stowe said...

follow along now...



Random Crap + Random Crap = Random Crap

You stoner.

Unknown said...

Harley Quinn + sarah palin
The Penguin + mccain
Catwoman + hillary (Although I love her)
Scarecrow + Osama bin Laden
Batman + Obama
Robin + Biden
Joker + W. Bush

Monique said...

Incubus + Pokemon
Cthulhu + penguin
Jack the Ripper + Easter bunny
Abominable snowman + Elmer Fudd

Unknown said...

Chupacabra and snail
Frankenstein and an Ipod
Godzilla and Chicken Carbonara
Troll and a satellite

James Derkowski said...

Cyclops + cake
Hydra + feather duster
Chimera + sandwich/amoeba/Christian Slater
(cause you need 3 things for a chimera)

Unknown said...

Rosemary's baby + Idi Amin

Unknown said...

Hamburgler + Surgeon General

Unknown said...

i wish i was stoned...im just retarded

rosemarys baby + lightbrite
frankenstein + baby seal
rancor + trekkie

see i made it work somehow!

izenmania said...

Cerberus the three headed guaradian of Hades and a hot dog?

Cthulhu and a llama?

Eidtalheg said...

Wolfman + Starbucks barista;
Mothman + school bus driver;
Ogre + Wall Street trader

God, but I love Halloween :)

A^2 said...

Yeti + Murloc

Duchess of Downtown Tacoma said...

Jersey Devil + Honda Prius = ?

Unknown said...

Tarrasque + Cat
Grim Reeper + porta potty