Monday, December 8, 2008


As a young boy Bryce Trainer was kidnapped by a crazed underworld figure known as only as the terrible Turncoat. His father and renowned industrialist and weapons developer, Wallace Trainer, spent years and a considerable fortune searching for his only son. Heartbroken and without any leading in their son's disappearance the Trainers eventually gave up any hope of seeing Bryce alive again.

Abandoned to his fate young Bryce joined many other children taken by the Turncoat and raised underneath the streets. Deep within the bowels of the city Bryce and his adopted brothers and sisters were brutalized and brainwashed into a army of thieves and street thugs. After many years a teenage Bryce became the Turncoat's number one apprentice.

In a final test of loyalty the Turncoat sent Bryce and his charges to rob a mansion and kill everyone within it. Only after his thieves breached the walls did Bryce realize that he had been led back into his childhood home and that his would be targets were, in fact, his own long forgotten parents. unable to convince his fellow thieves to abandon their mission Bryce turned on them in order to save his relatives. His skill and determination held off his former teammates until the terrible Turncoat himself entered the fray.

A terrible battle ensued. Bryce fought to protect his parents like a man possessed. In the end the Turncoat proved to much for his young protégé. Beaten Bryce was left for dead in the husk of his family's estate.

Bryce was found by his parent's loyal manservant Arturo. He survived but his parents were dead. Recognized as the soul heir of his family's considerable fortune and granted access to his father's business enterprises Bryce is reborn into another life. Now Bryce Trainer is a long lost media miracle. He must face legal hurtles and public scrutiny. He must adapt to survive in teh alien world of high society and instant celebrity. he is no longer welcome upon the nameless streets of his adolescence.

But Bryce Trainer has a score to settle. Knowing he can no longer pursue the Turncoat himself he adopts a new persona to enact his vendetta. Armed with his father's bleeding edge technology and wrapped in the trappings of the urban underworld Bryce Trainer has become:

The Homeless Man was suggested by John and is a repackaging of Batman if that hero had a transient/hobo motif.


John said...

This is beyond bad A$$!!!

morgan said...

Wow! Now THAT'S dark!

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