Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Johnny Tesla was a brilliant, young scientific mind. He was the great, great grandson of Nikolai Tesla, the discredited innovator of the victorian era. Johnny sought to reestablish the Tesla name by becoming a pioneer of theoretical engineering. His company, Marvelous Innovations, was poised to become a leader in nanotechnology research and alternative energy solutions. The future seemed limitless for the brash, young genius... until he ran afoul of his partner's greedy ambitions.

Vernon Wells was Marvelous Innovations financial backer. He was a shrewd man and a genius in his own right. Twenty five years Johnny's senior Vernon staunchly disapproved of the philanthropic direction his intrepid partner envisioned for their company. Secretly Vernon began selling the company's patents to Trainer Defense Solutions, the world's leading arms manufacturer. When Johnny discovered Vernon's deception the two men finally had it out with each other. The resulting argument threatened to tear the upstart company in two.

Determined to maintain his lucrative defense contracts with Wallace Trainer Vernon plotted to ensure that Johnny Tesla would no longer interfere in his plans. Vernon hired a mercenary cult figure known only as the Turncoat to attack Johnny in his private lab. Surprised by the Turncoat and his thugs while working on a radical new nanotechnology process Johnny was beaten severely and left for dead. The Turncoat then stole hundreds of irreplaceable files and set Johnny's home ablaze with him in it.

The resulting inferno activated the experimental nanotech. The microscopic machines quickly began to replicate, exploding free from their container and covering Johnny's battered and broken body.

Hours later Johnny was rescued from under the ruined remains of his home without a scratch on him. The nanotechnology had saved Johnny's life, but at a terrible price. Designed to assimilate and convert any machinery the microscopic machines that now pervaded Johnny's body reacted violently to any contact with modern technology. The very thing that was keeping Johnny alive forced him to avoid any device created within the past 100 years.

Dedicated to stop Vernon from destroying his legacy and desperate for a solution to his nanotechnology dilemma Johnny sought out the long sealed lab of his great, great grandfather Nikolai. Once there Johnny used his ingenuity and his ancestor's long forgotten genius to construct a containment suit for himself using Victorian Era engineering, technology safe from the ravenous appetite of his bodies new nanotech protectors.

Johnny Tesla entered his great, great grandfather's laboratory a wounded and desperate man. He left as:

The Miraculous Brass Marvel was suggested by Josh if Ironman was repackaged as a Steampunk hero.

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