Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Battling Bug with the Mighty Big Mouth

Randy Ricardo is a typical suburb teenager. He parents are divorced. He is out of shape and could stand to loose a few pounds. He plays too many video games and talks nothing but trash all over the internet. He has several very close friends, none of whom he had ever seen on anything but a webcam. Randy was unremarkable in every way... until he inadvertently got involved with the video game company WacCo.

Randy was chosen along with several of his online "friends" to preview a new video game at the WacCo company headquarters. Once dropped off by his estranged father who only sees him on weekends Randy and the others quickly realized that WacCo is really a front organization for an alien race known as the Jid'vvad. The aliens, who all resembled 7 foot tall yellow preying mantises, kidnapped the teenagers in order to create a new battalion of hybrid super soldiers. Mistaking their video game skills for virtual combat training the Jid'vvad deduced that replacing their doughy underdeveloped bodies with state of the art android war shells would result in a master race of unstoppable hybrid soldiers. The Jid'vvad was half right.

Once the childrens' brains were placed inside their new bodies the teenagers, led by Randy, turned on their Jid'vvad jailers and made their escape. In retaliation the surviving aliens activated a mind controlling failsafe installed within their rebellious hybrid soldiers. One by one the children succumbed to the failsafe until only Randy alone was left unaffected.

With no where left to run Randy returned to the safety and normalcy of this Mother's home and pretend none of it happened. Randy went to school and was shocked to find his brainwashed internet buddies there as well. Now Randy must juggle a normal school life with covert battles against his former alien controlled friends all the while keeping from his mother that he is actually a super powered half-alien insect warrior with the ability to gather and compact inorganic matter into super dense makeshift boulders only he is strong enough to lift and throw.

Dispite the odds Randy is quickly gaining a reputation in the superhero community. his unorthodox powers and origin along with his habit of trash talking his enemies has labeled him:


Andrew Fry said...

Awesome. I want to become a "super powered half-alien insect warrior" too.

Mark Monlux said...

This sounds vaguely like a Dr. Who episode. Then again, almost everything sounds like a Dr. Who episode, or a Simpson's episode.

Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.