Thursday, May 29, 2008

Go Shopping for Stowe

On the advice of individuals smarter than Stowe I've created a virtual shop over on FEEDTACOMA.COM.

There I will sell prints of work you see posted here, work from roleplaying game books, orginal paintings, posters, tee-shirts, commissions and other stuff I probably just had lying around that I figured I'd sell to my fellow Tacomans (That is TA-Comb-ANS, not TACO-Mens).

In the next coming days and weeks I hope to grow the content over there quite a bit. You can go directly to my shop by clicking HERE or typing in: Http://

Promo Art:


Gaƫl said...

Found it so interesting.... images are also so funny.

NineInchNachos said...

Stowe! Do you sell cake decals? Would that be a conflict of interest?