Friday, May 16, 2008

Frost Park Chalk Off 6

Just back from Frost Park.


(Photo proof up later [i.e. after work])

As usual I urge everyone to go here and vote for the chalk square [mine] most [mine] deserving [mine].  I am not here to influence... just inform.

I also got to talk to Andrea (Two Time Frost Park Chalk Champ) Trenbeath Lowen.
Check her work out here. She is really good.

I also met Mark Monlux. He is veteran freelance illustrator with ties to Cartoonists Northwest and the Graphic Artists Guild. Check him out here. I can't wait to talk to him some more. I bet he has some stories to tell.

Also... it is like 85 and Sunny here in Tacoma today.

Perfect Chalk weather.

1 comment:

Erik said...

Nice job Stowe at Frost Park. Thanks for your generosity of offering to make a battle art piece for the next event.

Making a battle scene of your won demise? That should be an interesting challenge.