Friday, May 30, 2008

Frost Park Chalk Off #8: GLASS WARS!!!

It was that time again... Time for spontaneous urban chalk competition. All the usual competitors were there, chalk was applied, frivolity was... was... whatever you do with a bunch of frivolity. I had a wonderful time as usual. Didn't get to talk to many people unfortunately because if the space I chose. That was a bummer. But I did get to make art I was very happy with. I worked on a wall this week. The results are below.
Thanks to the Tacoma Urbanist for the photo.
Thanks to Kevin Freitas for the photo.

Even my son Barrett got to work on his own square. He was consumed with creative energy.

Again...thanks to Kevin Freitas for the great photo.

As usual I encourage everyone to log into and vote for your favorite piece of chalk art. The winner gets to have a trophy of their design made in blown glass. They also get a vintage fedora previously owned by a grizzled local reporter. I am ultra excited about the glass trophy. It is made by students of the wonderful Hilltop Artists in Residence program. My friend Kathy donated it. The very idea of it is super cool and I really hope I get it. The fedora is weird and if I am lucky enough to get it I'll probably just end up giving it to the Frost Park Chalk-Off organizer and celebrated urban holistic underground cartoonist RR Anderson. My guess is he would dig it alot more than I would. I am just after the glass. My proposed trophy is shown below.

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