Monday, February 1, 2010

eating hotdogs

So its official... I am attempting to eat through the Red Hot's hot dog menu tonight in the last recognized attempt at their eating challenge called THE GAUNTLET!

I will be joined by Kevin Freitas from and

We will be eating 10 hot dogs laden with quality ingredients and piled high with flavor. From the Red Hot Chicago to the menacing anchor that is the Tideflats we will plow through that all.

If we can do it in under 90 minutes we will be immortalized forever on the Red Hot's Gauntlet Champions Hall of Fame. If we fail to finish the dogs in the alloted time limit, or if we get up from the bar for whatever reason we will be eliminated and forever forgotten in the annals of history.

Win or loose we will be suffering tomorrow.

So come cheer us on... or heckle us into failure... or observe aloofly from across the bar...

Either way the Red Hot is the place to be this Monday night!

2914 6th Ave, Ste. B