Monday, March 23, 2009


Leader of the Stunticons...reimagined as a Bazooka weilding Monster Trucker in the Transformers: Animated style. Expect the rest of those crazy Stunticons throughout the week.

EDIT: Updated the color scheme so that he was less cream and lavender colored


Kathy said...


Dou Hong said...

Hi! Sorry to be out of the blue, but I just stumbled across these today, and I was wondering if you would like to share these on TFW2005 in the fanart section?

These designs are really sweet, and I think the finest TFA Stunticon design out there yet. XD I think the guys would really appreciate these, but only if you want of course. XD

btw, I'm mustardwketchup on TFW. ^^

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Oh I remember these robots from Transformers, they were awesome, I remember one chapter, they were constructing a base for the Decepticons.

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