Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exiled Sabertooth

Celebrated Canadian Superhero
Unstoppable Costumed Soldier
Founding Member of Weapon: Avenger
Secret Mutant Sociopath

Victor Creed is an...


(Suggested by Ian Schwartz: Alternate Universe: After the loss of the Revolutionary war, America spends centuries being bitterly fought over between France, South America, and England. In the late 1800’s, England bows out and by the First World War, control of the U.S. is granted to Canada and its land mass is divided into 3 separate provinces. The U.S. (Canada) does not largely participate in any wars as it did in our timeline, including but not limited to; WWII, Vietnam, and Iraq. There is no “Bay of Pigs,” no “Red Scare” though we did land on the moon first and develop the atomic bomb (which went unused during WWII.) The U.S. (Canada) does however continue to develop weapons of mass destruction in order to maintain economical stability in turbulent times. One such development during WWII is the Super Soldier Serum which in our time granted Captain America his powers, but in this universe he’s known as... / Mutant: Sabertooth)


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