Thursday, February 12, 2009

Calling all Marvel Fanboys: "Exiles" reboot redux

So I was reading CBR (the interwebs source for Comic Book Resources) and I can across an interview with comic book writer Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas). In it he talks about new projects, included a reboot of the dimensional misplaced Mutant team: The Exiles.

I think this makes like the 23rd time this comic has soft rebooted since its initial run (which granted kinda makes sense since the strength of the series is just seeing what cool f-ed up alternate dimension versions of the regular X-Men a writer can come up with).

Parker is going to launch the book with a cast that includes alternate version of Beast, Scarlet Witch, Forge, Black Panther and Polaris. That is a serious "B"-Squad. Oh, and he is bringing back Blink (because everyone misses Blink). Good Lord we can do better.


If you have made it this far I am sure you are asking yourself... but Stowe, why the Hell do I care?



You care cause I am dusting off my old Marvel Exiles thread (from way back in SEPT. '07:

As cool as that team was (eehh...) I can do better. And I want your help.

I need ideas for Mutants from Alternate Dimensions.

Now I know what you are going to say. You are going to say... but Stowe, you asked us to do this very same thing way back in SEPT. '07 ( and you NEVER DREW ANY OF THEM.

And you know what? You're right. I didn't. But now its different. I'm a changed Stowe.

I promise to draw.

and to help here are some ome helpful Wiki links:



MUTANTS STILL ALIVE ON EARTH 616 (geekest link award!)


So there you go.

Post your ideas in the comments.

This is the challenge...let the best EXILES win.


Stowe said...

And before I get a bunch on nonsense posted.

I want:



(the best Mutant from a world where apes evolved instead of man gets a special prize)

Stowe said...

And for the record...

The special prize is a signed print of the Exile in question.

With that in mind...

I will also give signed prints to the best Mutant from:

1. A world where men are women and women are men.

2. A post-apocalypic parallel world.

3. A alternate history world.

4. A fantasy version of the modern Marvel world.

So that is a possibility of FIVE signed prints.

Good luck.

EMAN said...

Alternate Universe: Dinosaurs never went extinct and they rule the Earth

Mutant: Colossus


Stowe said...

Dino-Colossus... awesome.

An odd entry for the Alternative History catagory...but a solid one.

James Derkowski said...

Much fun!

And I'm strangely offended by calling Beast a "B"-Squader. He was an original. And Scarlet Witch erased the powers of a majority of all mutants (hardy "B" Squad) Anyways...

Universe: Rome continued to expand and never lost its grasp on the world.

Mutant: Magneto (what would be his driving influence if there was no Holocaust?)


Universe: Global nuclear fallout brings about the first mutants (ala Ghouls and Super Mutants from the Fallout series), but Marvel-fied.

Mutant: Caliban

Andrew Fry said...

Complete eradication of separation of church and state. A church state.


Brian said...

Universe: The post-nuclear holocaust dark age of A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Mutant: Professor X.

Joel413 said...

Planet of the Apes Mutant:
Beast... would he look more human?

Men are Women Mutant:
Wolverene.. Still a cigar chompin introvert ..with BOOBS

Post-apocalypic parallel World:
Storm - I don't know why... it just would seem interesting.

Alternate History World:
Nightcrawler from a world where Europe is knows at the Fatherland because the Third Reich Prevailed... Pope Kurt?

4. Fantasy Version of Modern Marvel World...
Umm.. isn't the Modern Marvel World Fantasy in itself?

Anonymous said...

1. Beast -

Female Beast hits the political "glass ceiling" and abandons politics (and crime-fighting) for a life of commercial oration. Beast leads self-help and professional awareness seminars for women based on her best-sellers... (Bringing out the Beast Within, Clawing your Way to the Top, etc.)

2. Longshot –

Thanks to luck, Longshot is the only survivor of an apocalyptic future… the ONLY survivor…

3. Captain America –

After the loss of the Revolutionary war, America spends centuries being bitterly fought over between France, South America, and England. In the late 1800’s, England bows out and by the First World War, control of the U.S. is granted to Canada and its land mass is divided into 3 separate provinces. The U.S. (Canada) does not largely participate in any wars as it did in our timeline, including but not limited to; WWII, Vietnam, and Iraq. There is no “Bay of Pigs,” no “Red Scare” though we did land on the moon first and develop the atomic bomb (which went unused during WWII.) The U.S. (Canada) does however continue to develop weapons of mass destruction in order to maintain economical stability in turbulent times. One such development during WWII is the Super Soldier Serum which in our time granted Captain America his powers, but in this universe he’s known as… (whatever Stowe names him)

4. Forge –

So instead of mechanical/electronic devices… Forge must contented with Dark Age technology to utilize his mutant abilites.


Andy said...

Against my better judgment, here's my next submission:

- Comrade Illyana (Magik), Special operative of a world where the U.S. crumbled after the Cold War instead of the USSR. Illyana can manifest her armor and teleportation skills, but has never accessed Limbo or sorcery due to being raised in a strict communistic regime.

- Valkyrie Moonstar (Danielle Moonstar), Resistance leader of a world where Loki succeeded in taking over both Asgard and Midgard (Earth) and merged them together.

- The Mechanic (Forge), former leader of a small community of refugees after the world tore itself apart once all the oil dried up. The Mechanic is much more intense and goal-driven, as his abilities meant the difference between life and death for the hundreds of people he was able to shelter.

- The White King Emory Frost (Emma Frost), Lord Imperial of a version of the Hellfire Club that successfully dominates their Earth. Once ruled side-by-side with his Black Queen, Samantha Shaw.

- Spider Ape. Spider Ape. Doin' the things a Spider... um, can.

And because it was too good to leave behind, a blast from the past:

- Callisto, alternate earth where she never goes underground or gets scarred and is recruited by SHIELD (tactical fighter, femme fatale)

frinklin said...

Okay, I have to jump in on this:

Victoria Creed - A female sabertooth who managed to avoid the weapon x program, vickie creed lives the life of a true celebutard. think kim kardashian with a serious anger managment problem.

Captain Britain/Psylocke - In a world where Imperial Germany won the first world war, then spent decades attempting to eradicate the english identity, a young telepath named Betsy Braddock is visited by Merlin, given the choice between the sword of might and the amulet of right, then given the task of rebuilding Britain.

Mimic said...

Well, then...

Captain America:

After his ordeal stuck in the ice, the world is changed while he's under. Nuclear war shortly after leaves most of the planet a smoldering pit of ruin. As the last remnant of organized society, he's the greatest inspiration to most of the planet, much less the remains of America (how's that for a two-fer?)


After the X-Men lost their battle with Mr. Sinister (during the time when he was controling the High Evolutionary's base) Jonothan Starsmoore strangely wasn't left powerless.

With the help of Cerebro he was able to find a handful of super-humans to resist Sinister's new regime that allowed him to take, at will, the various X-Genes of former mutants to experiment on. (Might not totaly fit the scope, but depending how you play it out that could get really cool)

Cyclops (Sandra Summers, and yes, a Susan Summers joke is in there):

Alex Summer's older sister became one of the very first X-Men in Xavier institute. Eventually marries Wolverine?

Johnny Storm Jr.:

Remember 'What if the X-Men lost Inferno?' The earth was reverted back to it's undeveloped sense, and the first human born was Johnny Storm's son. (This is actually in the comic)

He grows up to become the leader of the remaining humans. Powers akin to Captain Marvel, but in a forced Midevil setting.


The Punisher:

Maria Castle's husband and two children were killed after seeing a mafia hit. Unable to get justice she became The Punisher, using her army and special forces training to get revenge for her family's death and punish the guilty who escaped justice.