Thursday, September 6, 2007

Marvel EXILES 'X-panded'

I've shown this to a bunch of friends and an idea occured to me... Everyone should make a six person EXILES team of their very own. So I challenge you. Come up with a six person team of ret-conned, dead, imaginary, alternate or other wise fucked up mutants (with Blink from AOA at the helm). Leave your perfect team in the comments of this thread and I'll draw the team I like best. I want you to seriously think about your choices. It can be any mutant, ever, even ones that don't exist yet.

Some helpful Wiki links:




This is the challenge...let the best EXILES win.


Andy said...

Alright then:

• Blink, AOA (Leader)

• Brother Cain, AOA alternate where he doesn't suffer an aneurysm, still has pacifistic tendencies and taps into the more mystic aspects of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak (Mystic, reluctant Heavy)

• Douglock, alternate earth where the fusion actually happens, creating a composite and slightly schizophrenic entity (metamorph, techie)

• Callisto, alternate earth where she never goes underground or gets scarred and is recruited by SHIELD (tactical fighter, femme fatale)

• Iceman, where he never recovers from Loki's interference with his powers, now a walking, pissed off ice giant (Heavy)

• Phoenix (Rachel Summers), as raised in a manufactured near-utopian sheltered existence to prevent the Phoenix Force from manifesting (Psychic powerhouse, ingenue)

C'mon, peeps. Step up.


Eric said...

Fine, I'll step up:

1. Blink (gratis)

2. The Spider- Peter Parker from a world where he gains his spider powers by being experimented on by his insane professor Dr. Connors, with monstrous results.

3. Iron Knight- Sir Anthony Starke from a world that never left the Victorian Age, leading him to design ornate, steampunk armor for him and his army.

4. Multiplikative Man- Jamie Madrox in a world taken over by the Soviet Union, works as a one-man Amerikan KGB, and doubles as an agent in Erik Lensherr's Brotherhood of United Sapiens. (Copies are created with different uniforms depending on who they're working for at the time.)

5. Grandma Psy- Betsy Braddock, instead of being switched by Spiral with Kwannon, was switched with her 75-year-old grandmother. The switching/merging has left her with a grandmotherly personality, wisdom beyond her years, and has increased mental stamina. Interestingly enough, she retained full use of her telepathic powers.

6. Squirrel Girl from Great Lakes Avengers (Nope, no alternate backgrounds or anything like that, just a goofy girl and her pet squirrel.)

That's my team,

James Stowe said...

I love the idea of a soviet spy Madrox and Callisto, Agent of Shield. They should marry and have wicked assassin children. Also 'Erik Lensherr's Brotherhood of United Sapiens'...CLASSIC! Get on the B.U.S. or face...extinction!

James said...

Okay, better late then never:

1. Blink

2. Captain Canada (James Howlett) - universe where James's parents were never killed by their ranch hand, Logan. James was raised proper and wealthy, and when his bone claws, healing, etc. developed he enlisted in the Canadian Army and helped secure Canda's seat as a world leader.

3. Madelyne Prior - slightly unstable and before the whole "Goblin Queen" thing, she sees this as an opportunity to track down her still missing son.

4. Elixir - member of the Weapon X program. The healer of the group, but trained to also us power to drain life with contact.

(to be continued)

James said...

5. Malice (Becca LeBeau): daughter of Rogue and Gambit. Ability to drain, store, and rechannel all types of energy (including bio, chemical, and electrical)

6. Zombie Hulk: With the promise of all the brains he can eat, Hulk will smash.

James Stowe said...

Wow, I am really impressed by these comments. There is alot of creativity on display here. There is also some insanity (Zombie Hulk indeed). These are so good that I am thinking of cherry picking the ones I like best. My orginal team was kind of quirky and full of personalities and backgrounds that I thought would clash and work off each other well. But you guys have given me another idea. An Exiles built for function.

So far I think I am leaning toward:

Blink from AOA (teleporter, recon)

Callisto, Agent of Shield (heightened physical attributes, tracking, super spy)

Multiplikative Man, one man KGB (self duplication, interrogation, espionage)

Captain Canada, James Howlett (healing factor, cultured patriot, leader)

Death, Fred Dukes (hieghtened strength and durability, gravity field, biological absorption, heavy)



It is looking like I need just one more mutant. which means I need more brillant entries. Hell, someone might even come up with something better than any of those above...who knows? I am really looking forward to reading more.

Eric said...

Aight, here's a couple of candidates:

Lady Storm- Ororo from a world colonized by Africa instead of Europe. Wife of the Black Panther, King of the United Republics of Africa.

The Black King- Mastermind from a world where he used the Hellfire Club and the Dark Phoenix to take over the world.

Forge- from a world where he was inducted into Weapon X, has had cybernetic weapons of his own design grafted into his body.

And my last one, though not really a mutant-
Bullseye- from a world overrun by demons unleashed from a hellmouth in New York. Part of the Superlative Six, based out of Wilson Fisk's Fortress M (formerly Manhattan), one of the final bastions of humanity on the east coast.


EMAN said...

Alternate Universe: Dinosaurs never went extinct and rule the earth.

Character: Gambit.

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