Thursday, November 20, 2008

Legendary Kung-Fu Warrior Turkeys!

Well, it is almost Thanksgiving and that reminded me of one of my favorite after school cartoons I used to watch as a kid: The Legendary Kung-Fu Warrior Turkeys. They were awesome in a way that I can only barely hint at here. Go find some old U-Tube clips. They will be worth the search. It was all 70's Kung-Fu movie action mixed with all the horrible stuff that I loved from the 80's. The villains were the best... Agrocult, Space Metal Heavies, The Gator Guard, Tsunami-man. Man, I loved that show. Sure there were stupid bits... like Rambozo and Teenage Keith Lu, but I still love it.

Here is a bit of fan art to rekindle those memories. Master Respendant Tailfeather was by favorite.

Obviously I haven't captured the exact look of the show here, but honestly, I always thought the cartoon was animated pretty poorly.

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