Thursday, June 5, 2008

Better Know Your Zombie (part five of six)

Soul swallowing zombies are created following the reading of unholy texts, tree rape or the ingestion of previously possessed zombie body parts. Often an immediate physical mutation occurs, resulting in a fast moving zombie. Similar to the alien parasite zombie, the soul swallowing zombie's purpose is to perpetuate the collective of possessed zombies. While not necessarily intelligent or cunning, they do possess the ability of speech and will taunt or "bully" humans in an effort to enrage or enfrenzy them. They can and will murder the human in question following the taunting.

HOW TO KILL IT: Fairly easy to kill, the soul swallower can usually be stopped by dismemberment with a chain saw or other rotary power cutting tool. Care must be taken to dispose of the body parts correctly, through burning or burial in consecrated ground, to prevent further re-possession, tree rape or zombie part ingestion.

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