Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Master and Apprentice

We begin with Darth Nafar and his apprentice Darth Monstros...

Darth Nafar began his decent as a renowned Bith composer. His tireless creation of passionate arias ultimately exposed Nafar to the twisting morass of the Dark Side. The Bith genius instinctively pursued the black arts of premonition and metal control. As his interest in the Dark Side grew his resulting symphonies became bleaker, tragic and ironically more acclaimed.

Once Nafar adopted the mantle of Sith Lord he abandoned musical pursuits altogether. He became possessed with ruining lives and corrupting the virtuous. He manipulated artisans, politicians and peacekeepers from the shadows, creating living ‘performances’ of suffering and tragedy.

Growing increasing paranoid Nafar sought out an apprentice in the form of a gigantic beast of a Whiphid. Full of unending rage, Darth Monstros proved to be the exact opposite of his artisan of a Master. Nafar allowed Monstros to quickly develop an infamous reputation to divert attention from the Sith Lord’s true machinations. The beast attacked trade ships, destroyed entire colonies and even challenged Jedi Knights to apprehend him.

It was not long before Monstros began to believe in his own inflated propaganda. Imagining himself as a worthy successor to Darth Nafar, Monstros set out to usurp him. Darth Monstros tracked his slippery Master to a hidden sanctum on Corruscant but was instead greeted by Jedi investigators responding to an anonymous tip.

The intense lightsaber battle that ensued lasted only a few brief moments. It ended in an spectacular explosion that vaporized several square city blocks.

There was only one survivor.

Darth Nafar.

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