Friday, February 9, 2007

First...a nice happy birthday type image from work. I design images that are placed on top of cakes for a living. This is one of them.

And screwed up dream from last night:

It was about 3 people but I don't know them

First...a middle aged woman living alone

Then...a teenager living in a makeshift bunker under an overpass

And finally a Clint Eastwood like drifter

They all lived in a world that had a major dimensional shift from our they lived 'a few universes slantwise' from us.

So the middle aged women was living in an empty apartment building contemplating a proposal from a 'desert vampire' which was a handsome gothic thing that lived out in the wastes, loved the sun and drank human fluids. It wanted her to abandon her apartment and flee out into the desert with the other desert vampires. I got the feeling that desert vampires were once people that fled out into the desert and the sands out there CHANGED them. Basically she just sat in her dark apartment looking at old pictures, listening to the wind and worrying about her dwindling food supply. She also flashed back to a time she met the drifter and you could tell she was new to the area (maybe even the whole weird world) and it was a foresty place like the pasific northwest...not like the apartment building on the edge of the killer desert...and the drifter was teaching her about 'panther mold' which looked like forest floor but was really a predator that attacked using a flesh scraping proboscis that looked like beef jerky.
The drifter told her that things her looked inviting but were always deadly.

Then we cut to the kid. He lived in a bunker built into and underneath a highway overpass and he lived off food he found in the abandoned cars along the interstate. Except now he was trapped inside his bunker and had been for days. I knew he woke up one morning to find that someone or something had placed a naked female mannequin outside his door and he was afraid to go outside and move it. He just paced around inside the small bunker looking out periodically at the plastic face the of the mannequin and talking to himself...starving, thirsty and basically going nuts. Finally he decided to open the door and go out and move the mannequin. As soon as he picks it up it starts moving...real slow...trying to both hug him and kiss him, except its mouth is open really unnaturally wide, like snake wide. He doesn't seem to care and jsut submits to the kiss and the hug. Then there is a gunshot and the mannequin's head bursts apart like a rotten blood filled melon.

Its the drifter again with an old style rifleman rifle. The drifter is complaining the kid about how he should know that it isn't unheard of for 'parademons' to wait motionless for days to get at their prey. Then he says that if the kid wants to come with him he should get his ass in gear. He turns and walks away. The kid stands there for awhile, still holding the rotten bloody mannequin corpse and finally snaps out of it, decides living is a good idea and hoofs after the drifter guy. Half way caught up he realizes that he never locked his bunker door, so he turns around and runs back only to find the mannequin and his bunker covered with something called 'bloodsquid' which look like spider/squid nastiness. He then realizes that he is still covered in gore...and so do the bloodsquid.

Cut to the drifter hearing a scream from the overpass in the distance. He just pulls down his hat and keeps walking.

Then I wake up

The End

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