Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sad Tauntaun is Sad



Anonymous said...

That blog collection drives me nuts with stuff like this all the time. It's like he's going to rub your face in this weird haphazard pseudo logic, while ignoring basic things like 'wet suits work, but they are water in contact with water--how is that possible'. Insulation means the whole premise is moronic. If an animal has a core temperature, and dies, then the core temperature will decrease, but not at a magic increased rate as if all its natural insulation suddenly disappeared. The tauntaun has fur and fat. Luke on top of being inside a tauntaunt sleeping bag is also wearing his own cold weather gear. He should not only be incredibly well insulated, he should get a temporary boost to his own body temperature from the remaining heat in the tauntaun, after that expires or leeches out, luke will *still* be alive, and generating heat which benefits from the insulation.

The only positive thing that came out of this comment baiting drivel is your cool drawing. *sigh*

Mark Monlux said...

Where's my Tauntaun sleeping bag?

James Stowe said...

Anonymous... that was the best comment I have received in a very long time. You win my loyalty and admiration. Please continue to comment here in the future.

Monlux... I am actually pretty sure Think Geek sells them on the internet. They are a thing.

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