Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DNotD #24

At this point in the strip I have actually been collecting "scripts" for use if I fall behind or if nothing particularly funny or eventual happens during the week. This is one such script. I have been sitting on our little toilet comedian for several weeks now. It is only because I had the stomach flu all weekend do you get to enjoy his special brand of "potty humor". Also, apparently I don't draw myself naked in the shower enough that I felt the need to inflict my manboobs on you again.


Mark Monlux said...

Ah! The one bathroom house. I remember it well.

Derek said...

You know, we've got 3 bathrooms but the girls will only use the one closest to where Andi and I are at. I can't figure it out as I seek the one farthest from where everyone is at! Good strip though.

Stowe said...

I would feel like a Sultan if I had three bathrooms. The idea if showering with no one attempting to drop a deuce on me is a concept wholly alien to by experience.

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