Friday, October 2, 2009

24 Hour Comic Book Day

So it is finally here. 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY!

Tomorrow I will be locked in a comic book store for 24 hours and must complete 24 comic book pages.

To further complicate things... I have challenged a veteran illustrator, webcomic creator and esteemed brother of C.L.A.W. that I can complete my 24 pages before he completes HIS 24 pages. I've been extra g-damned cocky about it too (hell, just look at this poster).

So all day (and night) tomorrow you will find me (and co-founding members of the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians Mark Monlux and Ryan "RXR" Anderson) at Comic Book Ink (1625 East 72nd, Suite 800 Tacoma, WA)!

As an incentive to come visit me there... anyone that brings me food and cheers me on in my quest to beat Mark Monlux's page count will automatically be drawn INTO the comic page I am working on AT THAT VERY MOMENT... LIVE!

I will be posting my progress here on this Blog throughout the day tomorrow so check back here often...

I hope to see you at Comic Book Ink tomorrow... Wish me luck.


Brian said...

You are a Comic Creating Machine of Love, Grace and DOOOOMM !!! i am a big fan of your work and look forward to catching your freakishly creative progress as you go through the day -

consider yourself encouraged -


Brian said...

so, how is it going ??!?! I'm sure it is a sight to behold. graphite, ink, and paint flying everywhere. sweat dripping off brows tight with the strain of monumental creativity. The monolith of pregnant stress hanging in the air like the fetted stench of spoiled cheese. magic.

brings a tear to my eye. maybe that's just the cheese ....

Anonymous said...

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