Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Blog Experiments: The Wolverine Movie Edition

I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine over the weekend and I am surprised that a.) I didn't hate it despite its relentless and utter STOOPIDity and b.) apparently everyone else on "teh internets" felt the same way.

It was such a horribly bad "good" movie that it has inspired me to come up with not one but two blog audience participation experiments where I invite you to suggest things that I have to, in turn, draw.

One of the cooler things they pulled off in the movie was the Team X idea. Basically it was the elite commando unit from Predator recast using only the loosest interpretations of existing Marvel Mutants with Wolverine in the cigar chomping "Dutch" Swartzenegger role. To be honest, the execution of that idea is retardedly brilliant.

My assignment for you is to suggest a potential members of your own elite commando mutant squad and the current hollywoodish B, C, or Z list actor you think would best embody them on screen. I'll illustrate the best suggestions and knit them together into a new Team X.

And if anyone from Marvel is reading this blog (ha!)... a bad 80's action movie Mutant book starring Wolverine and Team X is such a slam dunk idea you should be developing it RIGHT NOW. If you aren't... I would be happy to write or draw it.

Yes, I know... Weapon XI was, if one forgets kung-fu Gambit and Native American albino Emma Frost, the stupidest idea in the entire movie. That being said... WE CAN BE EVEN STOOPIDER!!! I want you to give me 4 mutants you would frankenstein together to create the WORST fighting game reject Weapon XI you can think of. I am only going to draw one of these so the best suggestion will actually win a glossy print of your Weapon XI suggestion.

Leave you entries in the comments here on this thread. Entries suggested elsewhere will not be considered or illustrated.


N end guy said...

Kathy Griffin
Kirk Cameron
Daniel Baldwin (the TV Baldwin)
Stephen Baldwin (I was just in Tacoma Baldwin)
Tiffany Dupont

Stowe said...

wow... but you gotta tell me which mutants you want them to be. Kathy Griffin as Boom-boom for example. Good lord that is a bad example.

Stowe said...

While riffing with Joe at the Red Hot tonight I was able to come up with a all chick Team X made up of: Husk, Domino, Frenzy, Dust and Psylocke. I'll think of actresses later.

My attempt at the perfectly horrible Weapon XI is a combination of Dust, Cannonball, Blob and Leech... which together kinda makes a rolling explosive cloud of fat gas that turns your powers off and kills you.

Beat that Wolverine.

James Derkowski said...

For my hybrid:
El Guapo

So bad it's... bad.

AMT said...

My Team X would be: Cable, Bishop, Shatterstar, Psylocke and Mystique.

I'll figure out actors later.

Stowe said...


I think I've figured out my all girl Team X actresses:

Husk: Jewel Staite (for the geeks)
Domino: Elizabeth Banks (bringing the pancake mad up funny lines)
Frenzy: Thandi Newton (not really a good match but perfect for a Hollywood cast)
Dust: Camilla Belle (since Hollywood would clearly not hire an actual Middle Eastern actress)
Psylocke: Moon Bloodgood (cause she is going to blow up after Terminator comes out)

N end guy said...

Okay, back to the board to do some matching ....

Open to any suggestions, as I have no pride of ownership.

CMac said...

OKay, I got your money in the bank, over-the-top, uber 80's action, mutant commando team.

Havoc: Jeremy Renner
Nightcrawler: Ty Burrell
Longshot: Brian Van Holt
Random: Dolph Lundgren
Gentle (Nezhno): Tyrese Gibson

Let it simmer.

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