Friday, October 31, 2008

In the Spirit...

Here are some old fantasy/horror RPG illustrations I've done in the past.

This is a Illustration for the Promethian RPG done in my MILKING THE CRAP OUT OF ILLUSTRATOR phase. I am proud of what I could, in fact, milk out of the Illustrator program.

This is another Promethian Illustration. I love this sucker. It may not be my best illustration and the levels are all screwed up, but I love the look of this guy. If I played Promethian this would be me.

This is a one of my favorite illustrations ever. It was for the Werewolf reboot. The idea was a pain spirit possessing a dumptruck. It is exactly how I saw it in my head. I can't tell you how rare that is.

This is a Illustration done for the World of Warcraft RPG. At the time I was the only artist not actually working for Blizzard working on the game. On my imaginary artist badge sash of pride... you'll find this illustration.

This is an excellent example of me using friends in my Illustration work. This is Eric Crews (guy with unfortunate chest carving) and David Fischer (ghost). I don't talk to either of them anymore but they will always exist for me like this... which is kinda weird and cool. Better than pictures. Also, that is real paint... which now a days is SUPER RARE for Stowe.


monique said...

LOVE the dumptruck. It's deliciously creepy.

Andrew Fry said...

The biker's sparking flip of the bird is the topping on the cake. Love it.

Brian said...

Also, that is real paint... which now a days is SUPER RARE for Stowe.

C'm'on, man - REAL artists slowly poison their brains with paint fumes. ;D

Stowe said...

Dude... I am such an arty artist I used to EAT it.

Ask anyone.