Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life Drawing Wednesday

I have started going to an open life drawing session every other Wednesday. Each session is split into four 20 minute drawing opportunities.

The first is 20 minutes of 2-3 minute poses. I just try to draw the figure as fast as possible here, overlapping each pose to make a nice composition.

The second is made up of 5 minute poses. Again drawing each pose on the same piece of paper. Slightly more rendering but really just trying to capture form and create an appealing overall piece.

Then two 10 minute poses. Now I bust the water color paint out.

And finally one 20 minute pose. For the long pose I am painting with watercolor again.

I am really loving these sessions. Attempting to paint in 10 and 20 minute intervals is really challenging. All the above art was made tonight.

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