Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fake Fan Mythos

I've been told that some people don't remember the Hyperbears as well as I do. So, for the benefit of those of you that weren't glued to your TVs after school in the 80's I looked up a brief discription of the show on its Wiki page:

The Hyperbears Story: A stellar cataclysm threatens to end the unrivaled Dynasty of Hyperborea, home land of the Great and Wise Bears. An unstoppable asteroid hurtles toward thier home. Faced with extinction the Hyperboreans only option is to flee the world of Far North in vast Hibernation Vessels until the catastrophe can be averted or subsides. Left behind to attempt to advert the end of their civilization and to prepare for the eventual return of their kind are the Hyperbears, four highly trained guardians of Hyperborea science and tradition. They will remain sealed within URSA, technological marvel built to survive the devastation. However, all is not as it seems. One of the Hyberbears is secretly a mad traitor with plans to kill his companions and sabotage the reclamation effort. On the immanent mass launch of Hibernation Vessels a thief, his circus performer companion and their pet Koal breach URSA in an attempt to unmask the traitor. Their efforts inadvertently seal the Hyperbears within their a Hibernation state of their own, powerless to stem the advancing asteroid doom. Thousands of years later URSA is unearthed and the last of the Great and Wise Bears awaken once again. Now the survivors of Hyperborea face a vastly changed world than the one they left. The World of Far North has been radically altered, even its place in the galaxy has shifted. A new race called Man has emerged from the cataclysm and an evil empire of mechanical despots called Asterdroids have enslaved them. Can the Hyperbears fulfill their original mission? Can they rebuild Hyperborea? Will they stand with Man against the might of the unstoppable Asterdroids? Even if they succeed are the Hyperborean Hibernation Vessels still adrift out in the emptiness of space? Only time will tell. Join us here each week for Hyperbears. Go, Hyperbears, go!

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